Our Solutions





We believe that collaboration leads to sustainable solutions. To support development and robust deployment of our OneCommunity platform, we have established strategic partnerships with some of the world leading technology companies.

Our development partner relationship with esri, whose ArcGIS digital mapping systems underpin most US Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies, ensures the highest-level encryption and authentication to protect privacy. It also enables bringing the most advanced geo-temporal perspectives to safety and health visualizations and analytics.


Our development partner relationship with Axis, the world leader in network camera systems for the physical security and video surveillance industries, enables integration of the most advanced streaming of real-time site situations and impact visualization.


Our development partner relationship with BentEar Solutions, enables combining the most relevant legacy and innovative technologies into our software platforms and providing future-proofing by ensuring system integration compatibility.


Our strategic relationship with EAGL Technology enabled the seamless integration of their industry-leading gunshot detection capabilities.  This gunshot ballistic science was first developed by the US Department of Energy, and subsequently enhanced by EAGL’s own IP, resulting in the most advanced and accurate  gunshot detection system available.


Our technical collaboration relationship with GlobeKeeper, an Israeli technology company whose Secured communication Apps are being used by European and Israeli Law Enforcement as well as South African security companies, is focused on personal safety, and campus security platforms.  


Specifically serving the Education Sector, we developed the Campus Protective Ecosystem for Safety4Students (a 501(c)(3) non-profit), and support of their “Safest School In America” initiative with technology assessment, supplier qualification and project management, as well as providing our OneCommunity App as the integration, visualization and management platform.


Our strategic supply-chain partner is Siemens Building Automation and Control, a world leader in security systems, whose products and integrations are adopted and installed globally.  Siemen's capabilities underpin the plan to deploy our OneCommunity Protective Ecosystem model nation-wide..