our company

Our aim is to protect people where they gather.

Leveraging advanced software technologies and collaborative business models, we create more secure environments that allow people to live, learn, work and play, free of fear.

We engage the most talented and dedicated people to work on anticipating and resolving future challenges.

By integrating the latest technology with proven operational and managerial experience we help uncover what can be and forge a path to new standards of productivity and a safer tomorrow.




Our core innovation is a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize the way people think about safety and security and how to manage, plan and prepare for emergencies.

By fusing the power of crowd-sourcing with IoT and machine learning, we deliver an unprecedented level of situational awareness that provides our clients with a unique ability to collaborate and interact with their environment.

In safety, there is no margin for error. We embrace creativity and are focused on ensuring that our solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances providing high-quality, reliable information in a secure geo-temporal format.